Occurrence of Gram-negative Enterobacterales strains, nonfermenting organisms, and PFGE type 00531 ESBL-producing K. oxytoca isolates in environmental samples obtained during on-site inspection of risk areas

RoomSampling pointCounts (CFU/ml or total Gram-negative bacterial count)Microbiological differentiationCTX-MPFGE type 00531/ST201 K. oxytoca
Nursing care room, storage roomsWorking basin, siphon2.1 × 105Serratia marcescens
Hand wash basin, siphon water1.6 × 106K. oxytocaPositiveYes
Raoultella terrigenaNegative
Enterobacter cloacae complexNegative
Hand wash basin, drainage hole coverScattered/swab (no CFU/ml)E. cloacae complexNegative
K. pneumoniaeNegative
Staff toiletHand wash basin, fresh waterNot evaluable/100 mlGram-negative nonfermenting rods
Hand wash basin, siphon water1.5 × 104P. aeruginosa, S. maltophilia
Toilet, water1.0S. maltophilia
Staff roomKitchen sink, siphon water3.0 × 105K. oxytocaPositiveYes
P. aeruginosaNegative
Water reservoir tank, espresso machine10.0 CFU/50 mlS. maltophilia
Hygiene sluice, PNCHand wash basin, siphon water1.3 × 104P. aeruginosa, Gram-negative nonfermenting rods
Basement, laundry roomTumble dryer, water trayNot evaluable/50 mlGram-negative nonfermenting rods
Washing machine 1, residual water, rubber mantle3.9 × 102K. oxytocaPositiveYes
Washing machine 1, detergent compartmentNot evaluable/swabK. oxytocaPositiveYes
P. aeruginosaNegative
Washing machine 2, detergent compartmentNot evaluable/swabP. aeruginosa
LaundryHat 1>109K. oxytocaPositiveYes
Hat 2>109K. oxytocaPositiveYes
Hat 3>109K. oxytocaPositiveYes
Hat 4>109K. oxytocaPositiveYes
Socks 1>109K. oxytocaPositiveYes
Socks 2>109K. oxytocaPositiveYes