Strain identification, geographic origin, NCBI sequence number, and mycotoxin profilea

  • a No strain produced fumonisin when cultured on PDA. ND, no data from this study.

  • b The SEBA region contains three locations in southeast Buenos Aires province, with a 13.9°C (8.2 to 20.2°C) mean annual temperature and 550 to 900 mm of annual precipitation. Tartagal and Lajitas are locations in the Salta province, with a 21.1°C (14.3 to 26.4°C) mean annual temperature and 650 to 800 mm of annual precipitation and 20.4°C (16.7 to 28.1°C) mean annual temperature and 500 to 800 mm of annual precipitation, respectively. NOA1 contains four locations across Quebrada de Humahuaca in the Jujuy province, with an 11.7°C (5.1 to 16.3°C) mean annual temperature and 400 mm of annual precipitation.

  • c Range, 7 to 400 μg/kg; mean production, 71 μg/kg; median production, 11 μg/kg.

  • d Information on ITEM strains is available on line at