Metrics of bacterial community composition and structure across haloalkaline environments

Environment typeTotal no. of sequence readsTotal no. of OTUsNo. of known OTUsa (% of total OTUs)OTU level Shannon diversity index (H′OTU)bSource or reference
Engineered haloalkaline environments
    Bauxite residue65,5413,611367 (10)3.15–6.70This study
    Oil sands tailings11,9002,039140 (7)8.29This study
    Chromite ore processing residue992612 (46)0.75–2.3258
    Uranium mill tailings1995937 (63)c57
    Steel slag16152 (13)56
Natural haloalkaline environments
    Tirez Lagoon, Spain1374223 (55)1.56–1.8855
    Kenyan soda lakes29260 (0)54
  • a “known” is defined as matching at ≥97% to a reference sequence in the GreenGenes database.

  • b H′OTU designates Shannon diversity in discrete samples.

  • c —, parameter unable to be determined on the basis of published data.