Numbers of different bacterial taxa that are predicted to perform each of the experimentally observed micropollutant biotransformations

MicropollutantExperimentally observed biotransformationaNo. of different bacterial taxa predicted to perform biotransformationb
AtenololAmide hydrolysis4,516
AzoxystrobinCarboxylic acid ester hydrolysis3,894
DiazinonAromatic thiophosphate hydrolysis2,56
EthofumesateEther dealkylation131
IsoproturonUrea dealkylation and urea didealkylation0
PropachlorGlutathione coupling, dehalogenation, and halosubstitution939
RanitidineS-oxidation and N-oxidation8
Trinexepac ethylCarboxylic acid ester hydrolysis3,894
ValsartanAmide dealkylation0
VenlafaxineAmine dealkylation and ether dealkylation68
  • a The experimentally observed biotransformation types and biotransformation products were reported previously by Helbling et al. (24).

  • b The NCBI protein search tool was used to search eight publically available sequence databases and retrieve all taxonomically assigned protein sequences for each UM-BBD-predicted enzyme.