Weekly diet of volunteersa

ComponentWeekly cumulative frequency (%) of food eaten
Milk50 Ab50 A
Pasta100 A0 B
Pasta β-glucan0 A100 B
Bread97 A100 A
Meats85 A84 A
Cured meats73 A68 A
Fish77 A81 A
Dairy products81 A77 A
Eggs89 A84 A
Legumes77 A76 A
Leafy vegetables100 A100 A
Fruits93 A96 A
Yogurt8 A8 A
Sweets59 A57 A
  • a Each healthy subject was analyzed before (HS) and after (HSB) 2 months of diet intervention with 100 g/day of durum wheat and whole-grain barley pasta containing 3% (wt/wt) β-glucans.

  • b Values within a row followed by different letters are significantly different (P < 0.05).