Characteristics of nine separate iron mat sitesa

SiteTemp (°C)pHMean level (μM) of:Description
South River95.5270Flocculant mat, seep adjacent to river
Ref 6 site115.5480Wet sedge meadow
Toolik River TK 18.25.260Pool near edge of stream
Toolik River TK 39NDb20Wet sedge meadow
Kuparuk River Fe seepc116.517033.78610.9133.14 (25.6)Flocculant mat, seep at river bank
Kuparuk River potholec95320641,5780.50.56 (0.07)Small pool
Toolik BW1c1056016.46160.075.26 (7)Wet sedge meadow
Toolik BW2c10520Wet sedge meadow
Toolik base Fe seepc1161708.22370.142.13 (2.64)Flocculant mat adjacent to lake
  • a South River and the Ref 6 site are located near the burn site on the Anaktuvuk River. The other sites are in the vicinity (≤20 km) of TFS. Blank spots in the table signify that no data were collected.

  • b ND, not determined.

  • c Samples collected for microbial community analysis.