Bacterial genes differentially expressed between MC1061 and MC1061(ϕ24B) before norfloxacin treatmenta

GeneFunctionbFold changeP value
Genes downregulated in MC1061(ϕ24B)
    cyoBCytochrome O ubiquinol oxidase3.410.001
    cyoACytochrome O ubiquinol oxidase3.780.000
    cyoCCytochrome O ubiquinol oxidase3.120.001
    cyoDCytochrome O ubiquinol oxidase3.120.002
    cyoEHeme O synthase, protoheme IX farnesyltransferase2.10.022
    aceEPyruvate dehydrogenase E1 component3.240.001
    aceFPyruvate dehydrogenase E2 component2.400.011
Genes upregulated in MC1061(ϕ24B)
    hdeAChaperone HdeA3.0040.038
    hdeDMembrane transporter, H-NS repressed3.1270.044
    rpoSSigma transcription factor controlling a regulon of genes required for protection against external stresses3.4270.021
    gadAGlutamate decarboxylase3.5580.043
    gadBGlutamate decarboxylase3.1330.030
    gadCProbable glutamate/gamma-aminobutyrate antiporter3.4140.021
    gadETranscriptional activator5.9890.032
    gadWHTH-type transcriptional regulator5.1960.000
    gadXHTH-type transcriptional regulator3.1150.004
    fimFMinor component of type 1 fimbriae6.5430.028
    fimAMajor subunit of type 1 subunit fimbriae19.4510.000
    fimCRequired for biogenesis of type 1 fimbriae17.3960.000
    fimDType 1 fimbria anchoring protein involved in export and assembly of fimA fimbrial subunits across the outer membrane11.8500.000
    fimEType 1 fimbria regulatory protein21.9380.022
    fimGType 1 fimbria adapter subunit9.5260.014
    fimIType 1 fimbria protein20.3450.000
  • a Excludes ϕ24B genes that are presented in Table S4 in the supplemental material.

  • b HTH, helix-turn-helix.