Genomic characterization of 4 PRT SAGsa

Genome nameSequencing genome size (bp)Estimated genome size (bp) (% difference from MCRG)No. of genes% genome completenessG+C content (%)No. of 16S rRNAsNo. of COGs categoriesNo. of transposases
PRT Nitrosopumilus SAG660,313917,101 (43)832723516821 (+)
PRT SAR11 SAG700,642973,113 (25)704723018990
PRT Marinosulfonomonas SAG17,36,4542,255,135 (34)1,980775211,904162 (+)
PRT Psychromonas SAG920,3081,559,844 (65)975593831,12525 (−)
  • a The number of genes, number of contigs, G+C content, number of COGs categories, and coding region percentage were obtained from the IMG Web application. The estimated genome size was calculated based on the percent completion and the size of the MCRG. The percentages of difference in genome size reflect the small sizes of the PRT SAGs relative to the sizes of the MCRGs. The sign (+ or −) in the “No. of transposases” column indicates whether the value for the SAG is more (+) or less (−) than that for its respective MCRG. All estimated genome sizes were smaller than those of the MCRGs (the percentages in the “Estimated genome size” column reflect the percent decrease relative to the MCRG size).