Weather data during the 5-month project periods in 2011 and 2012

Yr and moPrecipitation (mm)Avg temp (°C)No. of days with high temp (≥32.2°C)Dominant wind directionbAvg wind speed (mph)Avg daily high wind speed (mph)No. of days with high wind (≥25 mph)
    Entire 5-month project period45220.333ESE6.622.656
    Entire 5-month project period31022.058S5.522.559
  • a The on-site weather station was installed on 27 May 2011. Weather data for May 2011 were obtained from a weather station at the University of Nebraska South Central Agricultural Laboratory located approximately 2 miles from the experimental site at the feedlot.

  • b ESE, east-southeast; SSE, south-southeast.