Comparison of the genome features of “Ca. Methanoplasma termitum” and other members of the order Methanomassiliicoccalesa

ParameterIntestinal clusterMethanomassiliicoccaceae
Ca. Methanoplasma termitum” strain MpT1Ca. Methanomethylophilus alvus” strain Mx1201Mmc. luminyensis strain B10Ca. Methanomassiliicoccus intestinalis” strain Mx1
Isolation sourceTermite gut (12)Human feces (17)Human feces (13)Human feces (18)
Accession no. (GenBank)CP010070CP004049CAJE01000001 to -26bCP005934
GOLD IDcGi21292Gc0042696Gi17673Gc0050196
Genome size (bp)1,488,6691,666,795>2,620,233b1,931,651
G+C content (mol%)49.255.660.541.3
No. of protein-coding genes1,4151,6532,6251,826
No. of rRNA genes34d4d4d
No. of tRNA genes4648e48f46
  • a Genome features of “Ca. Methanomethylophilus alvus,” Mmc. luminyensis, and “Ca. Methanomassiliicoccus intestinalis” are based on the latest report by Borrel et al. (22).

  • b The draft genome consists of 26 scaffolds.

  • c Accession number in the Genomes Online database (

  • d Genome contains two copies of the 5S rRNA gene.

  • e Three of the 48 tRNA genes are pseudogenized.

  • f Five of the 48 tRNA genes are pseudogenized. The original genome announcement (13) reported 42 tRNAs.