H2 production rates of various carboxydotrophic hydrogenogenic microbes

OrganismCultivation methodH2 production rate (mmol liter−1 h−1)aSpecific H2 production rate (mmol g−1 h−1)aReference or source
T. onnurineus NA1 (ΔCorR/corQR)Batch191.9249.6This study
T. onnurineus NA1 (MC01)Batch123.5194.726
T. onnurineus NA1 (wild type)Batch32.9151.326
Carboxydothermus hydrogenoformansContinuous12518.336
Rhodopseudomonas palustris P4Batch414137
Citrobacter sp. strain Y19Batch5.727.138
Rhodospirillum rubrumContinuous4.71139
Rubrivivax gelatinosus CBS-2Continuous2.71.3–3340
  • a Kinetic parameters were calculated with data from the graphs in Fig. 4. The units of grams represent dry cell weight, except for the volatile suspended solid (VSS) used in C. hydrogenoformans.