Major cations and anions in some calcium-rich waters and in seawater for comparison

LocationIon concn (mM)TDSa (%)awbpH
Lake Vandac5873122622,0016.610.90.935.97
Lake Bonneyc411,3722,2044,9803626.20.76.76
Don Juan Pondd2,850505005,9800.133.90.415.58
Dead Sead4301,7501,7256,1774.131.80.676.2
  • a TDS, total dissolved solids, calculated from values in the table.

  • b aw, water activity. Values for Lakes Vanda and Bonney were calculated (26, 27).

  • c Data from water samples from a 72-m depth of Lake Vanda and a 35-m depth of the east lobe of Lake Bonney obtained in November 2006 (25).

  • d Data from references 42 and 44 and this study.