Sample depth, enrichment substrates, and VAN isolates obtained from Lake Vanda deep waters

Depth (m)Enrichment substrateaIsolate(s) (GenBank accession no.b)
60Yeast extractVAN2 (JX262608)
62SuccinateVAN7 (JX262612), VAN8 (JX262613)
62Yeast extractVAN18 (JX262620)
66Glucose/yeast extract/lactateVAN3 (JX262609), VAN4 (JX262610)
66GlucoseVAN1 (HQ290519), VAN11 (JX262615)
66RiboseVAN5 (HQ290520)
66LactateVAN6 (JX262611), VAN12 (JX262616), VAN14 (JX262617)
66Yeast extractVAN17 (JX262619)
72GlucoseVAN9 (JX262614)
72PeptoneVAN15 (JX262618)
  • a All substrates were added to a final concentration of 10 mM, except for yeast extract and peptone (final concentration, 0.1% each). All enrichments were supplemented with 0.01% yeast extract.

  • b GenBank accession numbers for 16S rRNA gene sequences.