Calculation of cell-cell distance

DayTotal no. of cellsa/mlMean cell-cell distanceb (μm)Maximum avg interspecies distance for H2 transferc (μm)
26.2 × 10655.314
45.0 × 10727.1d6.3d
69.2 × 10722.22.7
813.7 × 10719.61.9
  • a That is, for strain 195 plus S. wolfei.

  • b The cell-cell distance was based on one sample and was calculated for suspended cells using the cell number quantified from quantitative PCR analysis.

  • c That is, for the transfer of S. wolfei to strain 195 at the observed substrate oxidation rate. Values were calculated using Fick's diffusion law.

  • d Detailed calculations for these values can be found in the supplemental material, part 4.