Xylanase activities in cell fractions and recombinant xylanasesa

CF or rXynMedium composition or rXyn source(s)Sp actb
CF 12.5 mM each S and F0.126
CF 20.5 mM each S and F, 0.2% sweetgum xylan0.174
CF 30.2% sweetgum xylan0.150
XynA2Paenibacillus sp. JDR221.6
  • a Cell cytoplasmic fractions (CF) were prepared from cultures of Xcc306 grown on XVM2m containing the indicated carbohydrate source(s) (S, sucrose; F, fructose). Pure recombinant xylanases (rXyn) were produced in Escherichia coli from the xyn10A and xyn10C genes from Xcc306 or the xynA2 gene from Paenibacillus sp. JDR2.

  • b Specific activities are given as units (μmol product/min) per mg protein as determined by formation of the fluorescent product DiFMU.