Bacterial strains and plasmids used in this study

Strain or plasmidGenotype or sourceMorphotypeaSource or reference
    S. enterica serovar Typhimurium
        ATCC 14028rdarATCC
        LLN514028 ΔrpoS::CmsawThis study
    S. enterica serovar Agona
        2000-01-2168-10Wild-type fish meal isolaterdar3
        LKV52000-01-2168-10 ΔrpoS::cmsawThis study
        2002-01-71-3Wild-type feed factory isolaterdar3
        2000-01-1454-1Wild-type feed factory isolatebdar3
        2000-01-1701Wild-type feed factory isolatebdar3
        2000-01-2168-6Wild-type human clinical isolatebdar3
    E. coli serotype O103:H2
        2006-22-1153-55-2Wild-type sheep feces isolaterdar23
        2006-60-21402-51-2Wild-type sheep feces isolaterdar23
        2006-22-1242-54-2Wild-type sheep feces isolatebdar23
        2006-22-1271-55-2Wild-type sheep feces isolatebdar23
    pKD46λred recombinase system, Ampr, temp-sensitive replication7
    pKD3FRTb-flanked cat cassette, Ampr Cmr7
  • a Morphotype on Congo red or Coomassie blue agar: rdar, red, dry, and rough; bdar, brown, dry, and rough; saw, smooth and white (i.e., no biofilm).

  • b FRT, FLP recombination target.