Inhibitory effects of purified amylosin, other known products of B. amyloliquefaciens, and purified cereulide on growth of Bacillus megaterium and Dietzia sp., as well as effects on the motility of porcine spermatozoaa

Parameter measure and target cellsEC50 (μg/ml) for:
Inhibition of bacterial growth, 24-h exposure
    Bacillus megaterium Ne100.06≥406>50>10
    Dietzia sp. MA1470.06NA610>10
Motility loss, 30-min exposure
    Porcine sperm cells0.1>100>250160.002
  • a The effects on B. megaterium Ne10 and Dietzia sp. MA147 are expressed as the substance concentration (EC50) that blocked growth in broth culture (TSB), measured by turbidometry and viable count. The effect on porcine sperm cells was determined based on the concentration needed to block motility of >50% of the cells in the sperm extender. The negative control was vehicle only (1% [vol/vol] methanol).