Growth characteristics and Ks values of bacterial species with clade I or clade II nosZ in batch culture experimentsa

OrganismnosZ cladeExponential growth rate (h−1)Final OD600Biomass yield (mg [dry wt]/mmol N2O consumed)Ks (μM) for N2OMaximum N2O consumption rate (μmol/min/mg biomass)
Pseudomonas stutzeri strain DCP-1I0.326 (0.033)0.009 (0.001)7.24 (0.45)35.5 (9.3)4.16 (0.44)
Shewanella loihica strain PV-4I0.0892 (0.0131)0.007 (0.001)6.31 (1.31)7.07 (1.13)0.446 (0.024)
Dechloromonas aromatica strain RCBII0.182 (0.030)0.015 (0.001)10.2 (0.7)0.324 (0.078)0.461 (0.034)
Anaeromyxobacter dehalogenans strain 2CP-CII0.00762 (0.00072)0.021 (0.001)11.2 (0.5)1.34 (0.35)0.0171 (0.0024)
  • a For yield measurements, cell biomass was determined following the complete consumption of 0.16 mmol N2O. The electron donor acetate was provided in excess (0.5 mmol). The numbers in parentheses represent the standard errors. The standard errors of the growth rates measured during exponential growth, half-saturation constants, and maximum rates of N2O consumption were determined from the linear or nonlinear regression analysis using SPSS 22 for Mac with data obtained from triplicate experiments. The standard errors of the final OD600 and biomass yields were determined from the standard deviations of data for triplicate samples.