Results of the total active bacterial counts obtained by qPCR

SampleSample descriptionLog CFU/ml or log CFU/g for:
Production DProduction EProduction F
1Whey starter9.826.677.9
2Raw milk7.527.59*a
3Milk + whey9.767.2*
4Curd after cutting8.227.9*
5Curd after heating8.337.47*
6Curd after pressing8.436.91*
7Curd after storage room7.918.16*
8Cheese after salting8.057.8*
9Cheese after thermostatic room8.357.21*
101st ripening month7.777.94*
112nd ripening month7.238.17*
123rd ripening month8.157.71*
134th ripening month7.587.67*
145th ripening month8.026.23*
156th ripening month7.997.98*
167th ripening month7.016.3*
178th ripening month76.73*
189th ripening month6.56.97*
1910th ripening month5.56.5*
  • a Result below quantification limit indicated by *.