Genotyping of host-specific Wolbachia variants used in this studya

StrainSize of PCR product (kb) (no. of copies)bFragment size of WD0983 (bp)Presence of G or A at position 943443Octomom copy no.
Published variants
    wMel1.35 (5)1.33 (7)2.49 (+)0.75 (−)550G1
    wMel21.35 (5)1.19 (6)2.49 (+)0.75 (−)550G1
    wMel31.35 (5)1.33 (7)1.57 (−)0.75 (−)550G1
    wMelCS1.25 (4)1.19 (6)1.57 (−)1.67 (+)550G1
    wMelCS21.35 (5)1.19 (6)1.57 (−)1.67 (+)550G1
    wMelPop1.25 (4)1.19 (6)1.57 (−)1.67 (+)550AVaries (1–15)
Laboratory strains
    Dmel wMel1.351.332.490.75550G1
    Dmel wMelCS1.251.191.571.67550G1
    Dsim wMel1.351.332.490.75550G1
  • a Diagnostic VNTR and insertion sequence element (IS5) regions were analyzed as described previously (43). The expected product size for a given variant as well as those determined for laboratory strains are listed. Distinguishing criteria for wMelCS and wMelPop, including the G-to-A transition at position 943443 and the Octomom copy number, are also shown (44).

  • b Presence or absence is represented by + or −, respectively. ND, not detected.