Differentially abundant proteins identified through comparison of D. simulans ovarian proteomesa

Functional classificationProteinRelative abundance
Carbohydrate transport and metabolismGlycogen phosphorylase1.0971.8841.717
Chromatin structure and dynamicsHistone H40.9130.6450.706
Cytoskeleton and cell motilityTropomyosin 21.0811.7011.573
Energy production and conversionATP synthase, δ subunit1.6871.1200.664
Function unknownFemale-specific independent of transformer0.7853.3594.277
Lipid transport and metabolismCG3902 (acyl-CoA dehydrogenase activity)1.6511.6640.974
Retinoid- and fatty acid-binding glycoprotein2.1752.3851.008
Yolk protein 11.4071.9901.414
Yolk protein 21.4001.6931.209
Protein modification, folding, and turnoverHeat shock protein 261.1931.7531.469
Heat shock protein 270.6311.2992.058
Tripeptidyl-peptidase II0.7011.2301.755
RNA binding, processing, and modificationFibrillarin1.0890.4880.448
Translation, ribosomal structure, and biogenesisRibosomal protein L320.9570.6510.654
Ribosomal protein L34b0.6540.5930.906
Ribosomal protein S250.9620.6290.680
  • a Relative abundance represents a ratio of average LFQ scores for each sample type: Dsim wRi/Dsim Cured, Dsim wMel/Dsim Cured, and Dsim wMel/Dsim wRi. Ratios that indicate up- or downregulation are indicated in boldface type. CoA, coenzyme A.