Differential characteristics of strain S55T and the most closely related speciesa

CharacteristicS55TT. bradus TPB6017TB. elongata SN10TA. ligni WH120T
Growth in anaerobiosis+
External EPS capsule+++
PigmentNoneNoneLight pinkNone
Growth at:
    pH ≥7++
    pH 3++
Inhibition by 0.1% NaCl++
Anaerobic growth+
Cellulose degradation++
C15:0 as a major fatty acid+
C18:0 as a major fatty acid+
Assimilated carbon sources
    Carboxymethyl cellulose+
Assimilated nitrogen sources
  • a T. bradus (19), B. elongata (17), and A. ligni (20) are the three most closely related strains. +, positive; −, negative; w, weak; ND, no data.