Selected parental S. cerevisiae strains for the generation of novel hybridsa

Strain nameParent typeThermotolerancebIsoamyl acetate production (AU)cSpore viability (%)Mating type segregantsd
H28Robust+++0.575a, α, or a
Y115Robust+++0.7100a or α
Y354Aromatic++3.631a or α
Y397Aromatic+2.744a, α, or a
  • a Strains Y115, Y927, and H28 were selected based on their thermotolerance and excellent performance during inoculated cocoa pulp fermentations. Y181, Y184, Y354, and Y397 were selected based on their high fruity aroma production.

  • b +, less than that of the reference strain; ++, equal to that of the reference; +++, more than that of the reference. The reference for thermotolerance was S. cerevisiae W303 (32).

  • c Isoamyl acetate production was measured in nutrient-rich growth medium (10% YPD) and compared to the average production of 236 S. cerevisiae strains (23). AU, arbitrary units.

  • d Mating types were determined using mating-type PCR.