Summary of warming experiments used in this study

CharacteristicaSWaN plots (17)Barre Woods (18)Prospect Hill (19)
Latitude, longitude42.54°N, 72.18°W42°28′N, 72°10′W42.54°N, 72.18°W
Yr started (duration [yr] at time of soil collection for metagenome)2006 (5)2003 (8)1991 (20)
Plot size (m)3 by 330 by 306 by 6
No. of plots61 megaplot with 25 subplots6
Soil pH, O-horizon3.724.293.82
Soil pH, 0- to 10-cm mineral4.384.424.41
Total C (mean ± SE) (g of C · m−2)
    O-horizon3,314 (404)1,772 (621)2,565 (247)
    0- to 10-cm mineral3,478 (121)1,810 (92)2,859 (444)
Moisture (control, warmed) (g of H2O · g−1 of soil [dry wt])
    O-horizon1.59, 1.261.32, 1.021.49, 0.99
    0- to 10-cm mineral0.41, 0.400.37, 0.310.44, 0.38
Dominant overstory vegetationAcer rubrum, Acer pensylvanicum, Betula papyrifera, Fagus grandifolia, Quercus rubra, Quercus velutinaA. rubrum, Fraxinus americana, Q. rubra, Q. velutinaA. rubrum, A. pensylvanicum, B. papyrifera, Q. velutina
Soil seriesGloucesterCantonGloucester
  • a Soil pH and carbon data refer to control plots only. O-horizon, organic horizon.