CAZy gene families identified as indicative of warmed or control plot metagenomes

Warmed or controlMineralOrganic horizon
Indicator gene familiesClassification error rate (%)aIndicator gene familiesClassification error rate (%)
WarmedGH26, GH4, GH46, GH65, GH66, GH76, GT4, GH48, GH52, CBM2, GT1, GT425.0GH48, GH8536.4
ControlGT35, GT516.7GH75, GH100, CBM5, GT13, GH9816.7
  • a Error refers to fraction of samples incorrectly assigned to warming treatment when just using the subset of genes identified as indicators by the Boruta algorithm at P value of <0.01. Example: if the relative abundance of each of GH75, GH100, CBM5, GT13, and GH98 was to be taken from a control plot mineral soil sample and used to try and determine whether that sample came from a warmed or control plot, 16.7% of the time, the sample would be incorrectly assigned as coming from a heated plot.