Nutrient information for 100-g servings of each diet treatmenta

Diet treatmenta,bCaloriesProteinCarbohydrateFatFiber
Bran (L)37517.567.5517.5
Butter (S, L)71400790
Filter paper (L)UcUUUU
Honey (S)28608100
Tuna (S, L)10727010
White flour (S, L)367137303
Whole wheat flour (S)3331367213
Mixed (S)239182772
Starvation (S, L)NAdNANANANA
  • a Nutritional facts are as stated by the manufacturers of each food product. The mixed diet was based on the general guidelines for a typical human diet. Thus, it was calorically composed of 25% tuna, 25% butter, 16.67% whole-wheat flour, 16.67% white flour, and 16.67% honey; the values shown assume a daily diet of 2,000 calories.

  • b L, long-term dietary shift; S, short-term dietary shift.

  • c U, unavailable.

  • d NA, not applicable.