Strains and plasmids used and constructed in this study

Strain or plasmidGenotype or relevant feature(s)aSource or reference(s)
E. coli XL-1 BlueCloning hostStratagene
E. coli EPI400Cloning hostEpicentre
Synechocystis sp. PCC6803Wild type, glucose-tolerant derivativeD. Bhaya (Stanford, CA, USA)
pHKH001Δslr0168::Knr in sp. strains; in E. coli, additionally Apr7
pIBA43plus_slr1556slr1556; AprThis study
pGemT_slr1556_Sp122Δslr1556::Srr; in E. coli, additionally AprThis study
pHKHDLEUΔslr0168::Ptrc::Lmldhco::tt::KnrThis study
pHKHDSYNΔslr0168::Ptrc::Synslr1556na::tt::KnrThis study
Synechocystis strain DLEUPtrc::Lmldhco::tt::KanrThis study
Synechocystis strain ODSYNPtrc::Synslr1556na::tt::KanrThis study
Synechocystis strain ΔDSYNΔslr1556::SpcrThis study
Synechocystis strain DLEU/ΔDSYNPtrc::Lmldhco::tt::Kanr; Δslr1556::SpcrThis study
Synechocystis strain ΔGlcD1Rosll0404::Kanr24, 30
Synechocystis strain ΔGlcD2Roslr0806::Kanr24
Synechocystis strain ΔDSYNRoΔslr1556::Spcr in the same wild-type background as the glycolate dehydrogenase mutantsThis study
Synechocystis strain SAA013Δslr0168::Ptrc::Ecldhna::tt::Kanr7
Synechocystis strain SAA015Δslr0168::Ptrc::Bsldhna::tt::Kanr7
Synechocystis strain SAA023Δslr0168::Ptrc::Llldhco::tt::Kanr13
  • a Kanr or Knr, kanamycin resistance cassette; Spcr or Srr, streptomycin/spectinomycin resistance cassette; Ampr or Apr, ampicillin resistance cassette; Ptrc1, trc promoter; tt, transcriptional terminator (BBa_B0014); co, codon optimized sequence; na, native sequence; Lm, Leuconostoc mesenteroides; Syn, Synechocystis sp. PCC6803; Ec, Escherichia coli; Bs, Bacillus subtilis; Ll, Lactococcus lactis.