Not-yet-cultivated species identified in early dental biofilm samplesa

PhylumClassNot-yet-cultivated speciesIdentification at sampling time (h)b
BacteroidetesFlavobacteriaBergeyella sp. strain OTc 3221/111/11
ProteobacteriaGammaproteobacteriaHaemophilus sp. strain OT 035d1/111/11
SynergistetesSynergistetes [C-1]Fretibacterium sp. strain OT 359d1/111/111/11
Fretibacterium sp. strain OT 360d1/111/111/11
TM7TM7 [C-1]TM7 [G-1] sp. strain OT 347 and TM7 [G-2] sp. strain OT 3501/113/112/11
ActinobacteriaActinobacteriaActinomyces sp. OT 1778/116/115/115/9
FirmicutesClostridiaMegasphaera sp. strain OT 123d1/11
FirmicutesClostridiaStomatobaculum sp. strain OT 0971/11
  • a Uncultivability as reported by Dewhirst et al. (53) and at

  • b Identification of phylotypes among the subjects is depicted as follows: number of subjects/total number of subjects.

  • c OT, oral taxon.

  • d Recent cultivability reported by Thompson et al. (64).