Expression yield and biochemical characterization of P. anserina hemicellulolytic CAZymes

CAZymeExpression yield (mg/liter)bMolecular mass (kDa)pIApparent optimum pH and tempa
TheoreticalExperimentalcTheoreticalExperimentaldpHTemp (°C)
PaMan5A44039.4467.87.53-6 (4)50-65 (60)
PaMan26A10049.8624.74.34-6 (4.5)40 (40)
PaXyn11A3028.5418.36.2-6.35-7 (6)50-60 (50)
PaAbf51A9071.7866.46.14-7 (4.5)5-75 (70)
PaAbf62A30037.7484.84.64-6 (4)50-60 (55)
  • a Values indicate that the relative enzyme activity remaining was above 50%. Values in parentheses indicate the apparent optimum pH and temperature under the conditions used.

  • b Expression yield is expressed in mg of recombinant protein purified from 1 liter of culture.

  • c Estimated from SDS-PAGE.

  • d Estimated from an IEF gel.