Effects of sample type, diet, and ambient temperature on the concentrations of volatile fatty acids, total volatile fatty acids, lactic acid, and ammonia in the fecal and rumen liquor samples of steers fed sainfoin silage or alfalfa silage

Rumen fermentation productConcn (mmol/liter) in samples from steers fed indicated dietaLevel of significanceb of:
Rumen liquor (n = 12)Feces (n = 12)SEb
Alfalfa silageSainfoin silageAlfalfa silageSainfoin silageSample typeDietAmbient temp (°C)Sample type × diet
Acetic acid21.7619.894.533.780.119***NSNSNS
Propionic acid4.534.100.830.680.117***NSNSNS
Isobutyric acid0.390.****NSNS
Butyric acid2.592.***NSNSNS
Isovaleric acid0.****NSNS
Valeric acid0.***NSNSNS
Total VFA29.6726.585.814.810.119***NSNSNS
Lactic acid0.
  • a Data presented are mean values for fecal and rumen liquor samples from two pens at six sampling times. As data were not normally distributed, they were transformed using natural logarithms.

  • b Levels of significance and standard errors of the means were calculated using the transformed data. Statistical significance: *, P < 0.05; **, P < 0.01; ***, P < 0.001; NS, not significant.