Effects of sample type, diet, and ambient temperature on the bacterial communities in the fecal and rumen liquor samples of steers fed sainfoin silage or alfalfa silage

TaxonProportion of sequences in total bacterial community (×100)aLevel of significanceb of:
Rumen liquor (n = 12)Feces (n = 12)Avg SE
Alfalfa silageSainfoin silageAlfalfa silageSainfoin silageSample typeDietAmbient temp (°C)Sample type × diet
Phylum Actinobacteria1.501.441.081.400.118NSNSNSNS
Phylum Bacteroidetes0.37A0.14B0.40A0.48A0.2860.053NSNS0.061
Phylum Deferribacteres0.
Phylum Deinococcus-Thermus0.02B0.01A0.01A0.01A0.095*NSNS*
Phylum Firmicutes86.9387.8093.2390.470.038NSNS*NS
    Class Bacilli
        Order Bacillales45.8444.0426.9830.420.133**NSNSNS
        Order Lactobacillales46.7643.6067.7061.260.1580.057NS0.088NS
    Class Clostridia
        Order Clostridiales98.0198.0198.0198.010.004NSNSNSNS
Phylum Fusobacteria0.
Phylum Proteobacteria4.64B3.30A3.11A4.37B0.172NSNSNS*
Phylum Tenericutes0.150.18A0.150.12B0.092*NSNS0.063
Phylum Verrucomicrobia0.83B0.100.08A0.46B0.756NSNSNS*
  • a Data presented are the mean values for fecal and rumen liquor samples from two pens at six sampling periods. As data were not normally distributed, they were transformed using natural logarithms. Values with different superscripts are statistically different (P < 0.05).

  • b Levels of significance and standard errors of the means were calculated using the transformed data. Statistical significance: *, P < 0.05; **, P < 0.01; ***, P < 0.001; NS, not significant.