Table 3.

Results of Ryan-Einot-Gabriel-Welsch range test for all cells presumed to be Vibrio parahaemolyticus enumerated on TCBS agara

Stage or location of sample collectionNo. of samples takenRyan-Einot-Gabriel-Welsch range test score for isolates in subset:
Juncus PW4775.53
Tall PW66116.97
Short PW64192.03
Short BW722,685.002,685.00
Tall BW693,287.68
Juncus BW358,652.29
  • a Homogeneous and statistically significant subsets are displayed. Values presented are based on observed means. Alpha = 0.05. “High,” “ebb,” “low,” and “flood” represent the tidal and flood stages of creek water samples. “Tall,” “Short,” and “Juncus” represent locations within the marsh landscape, specifically, in the tall-form-Spartina alterniflora, short-form-Spartina alterniflora, and Juncus roemarianus zones, respectively. BW, infaunal burrow water; PW, interstitial pore water.