Table 2.

General characteristics of draft genomes of U.S. X. oryzae strains and completed X. oryzae genomes

StrainPathovarCountry of originTotal sequence length (bp)No. of predicted genes% GC% ANI with:Source or reference
X11-5AUndesignatedUnited States (Texas)4,641,765a4,655649797.11This study
X8-1AUndesignatedUnited States (Louisiana)4,679,331a4,8866497.0497.06This study
PXO99AX. oryzae pv. oryzaePhilippines5,240,075b5,08363.610097.835
KACCX. oryzae pv. oryzaeKorea4,941,439b4,63763.799.4997.822
BLS256X. oryzae pv. oryzicolaPhilippines4,831,739b4,6146497.76100GenBank accession no. AAQN00000000
  • a Metrics for genome reported in Table S1 in the supplemental material.

  • b Single contig representing the circular chromosome.