Table 1.

Electron donors and acceptors supporting the growth of D. desulfuricans ND132a

SubstrateElectron acceptorGrowthb
  • a Growth in modified SRM (6) or MOY (71) medium, with potential organic substrates added at 30 to 60 mM concentrations, was tested. For formate, 20 mM Na-acetate was also added as the carbon source. Sulfate, sulfite, fumarate, and Fe(III) citrate (50 mM) were tested as potential electron acceptors. All media contained yeast extract. All tests were done in at least triplicate, and positive cultures were subcultured again in the same medium. Growth was measured once cells reached stationary phase.

  • b +++, OD660 ≥ 1.0; ++, OD660 ≥ 0.5; +, OD660 ≥ 0.1; *, no reduction of Fe(III).