Table 2.

Gene overlap among sampling wells

SampleNo. (%) of overlapping genesa
FW102-2 (3,419)bFW102-3 (3,431)bFW101-2 (2,744)b
FW102-2630 (18.73)2,656 (63.33)2,260 (57.90)
FW102-3449 (13.35)2,413 (64.14)
FW101-22,127 (63.23)158 (4.70)
  • a Numbers and percentages in italics are unique gene numbers and percentages. Numbers and percentages in bold are overlapped gene number and percentage overlapped by three wells. Numbers and percentages not italic or bold are gene numbers and percentages overlapped by two of the three sampling wells.

  • b Total number of genes detected.