Table 3.

Effects of various amendments on the removal of CCl4 and CH4 by marl soil samples

AmendmentConcnEffect (%) ona:
CCl4 removalCH4 removal
Streptomycin + tetracycline2 mg/gfw (each)Inhibition (50)Inhibition (76)
Nystatin2 mg/gfwNS (5)NS (0)
Myxothiazol6.7 × 10−3 mg/gfwNS (0)NS (0)
Cycloheximide1 mg/gfwInhibition (58)NS (18)
Cyclohexamide2 mg/gfwInhibition (51)Inhibition (61)
Copper sulfate2 mg/gfwNS (11)NS (29)
l-Glutamine0.3 mg/gfwNS (18)ND
Ammonium sulfate1 mg/gfwNS (13)ND
Sodium tungstate1 mg/gfwNS (6)ND
Sodium nitrate1 mg/gfwNS (7)ND
Sodium molybdate2 mg/gfwNS (7)NS (21)
Methanol1.3 mg/gfwEnhancement (59)ND
Acetate13.3 mg/gfwEnhancement (293)ND
Succinate13.3 mg/gfwEnhancement (72)ND
MeF5% (vol/vol)NS (12)Inhibition (100)
Methane5% (vol/vol)NS (0)ND
  • a The results given represent the maximum effect for each compound from the concentrations tested. Results are corrected for the removal rate observed in the control. Inhibition or enhancement indicates a significant effect (P < 0.05). NS, not significant; ND, not determined.