Table 1.

Kinetic parameters of bacteria potentially involved in nitrogen removal from urinea

Bacterial groupGrowth rate (day−1)Yield (g COD mol−1 e)O2 half-saturation constant (Monod kinetics) (mg liter−1)Concn for 50% HNO2 inhibition (mg liter−1)NH3 concn (mg liter−1)
AHB (aerobic)c7.13.40.08NDiND
DNB (nitrate reduction)c2.63.2NDND
DNB (nitrite reduction)c1.53.2NDND
  • a These are typical parameters from a wide range of literature values.

  • b Strous et al., 32°C (35).

  • c Wiesmann, 20°C, assuming 1 g COD/g organic dry matter (45).

  • d Complete inhibition at 0.04 mg liter−1. Strous et al. (36).

  • e Inhibition at NO2 concentration of >100 mg liter−1.

  • f Lochtman (1995) in Hellinga et al. (20).

  • g Dapena-Mora et al. (9).

  • h Stüven et al. (38). In mixed systems, NH2OH (ammonium oxidation intermediate) rather than NH3 inhibits NOB.

  • i ND, not determined.