Table 1.

Selected tree dendrometric measurements and soil physicochemical characteristics for bottomland and upland sitesa

Tree sample ID no.DBH* (cm)bCrown ht* (m)Crown width (radius, m)Soil textureMoisture* (%)pH*Total C* (%)Total N* (%)OM* (%)cK* (ppm)NH4-N (ppm)NO3-N (ppm)P* (ppm)
B158.425.87.6 (1.5)dSandy loam22.2 (0.1)c6.
B289.638.48.2 (2.2)Sandy loam25.3 (0.6)
B391.132.77.6 (1.5)Sandy loam29.6 (0.3)
B477.931.07.8 (0.4)Sandy loam28.4 (0.2)
U137.021.54.3 (0.2)Clay loam40.0 (1.7)
U238.119.97.2 (3.1)clay39.8 (0.4)
U338.418.95.1 (1.3)clay35.0 (0.7)
  • a A characteristic is followed by an asterisk when the means were significantly different (P ≤ 0.01) for bottomland (B) versus upland (U) sites.

  • b DBH, diameter at breast height.

  • c OM, organic matter.

  • d Values in parentheses represent standard deviations of 3 measurement replicates.