Table 2.

Probability of adhesion between C. albicans (with or without in situ-formed glucan) and sHA (or gsHA) surfaces

ConditionaMean adhesion probability (%) ± SDb
Ca-sHA80.5 ± 15.5
Ca-gsHA1.8 ± 5.1
gCa-gsHA63.2 ± 19.1
  • a Ca, C. albicans without surface-formed GtfB glucan; gCa, C. albicans with surface-formed GtfB glucan.

  • b Adhesion probability was calculated as the total number of adhesive events divided by the total number of touches (contacts) (n=16). The values for Ca-sHA, Ca-gsHA, and gCa-gsHA are significantly different from each other (P < 0.05, ANOVA, comparison for all pairs using Tukey's test).

  • c —, interaction between gCa and sHA not measurable by the micropipette technique because the force of binding between the surfaces exceeded the upper limit of the separation force that can be applied by the technique.