Table 1.

Summary of biofilms examined in this study, including the analyses that were performed on each sample

LocationSiteAnalysisaLatitudeLongitudeBiofilm depth (mbsf)SMT (mbsf)
Northern Cascadia Margin1325BIsotopic48°39.150′N126°59.650′W1.351.4
Stn06CL, tR48°40.194′N126°50.945′W3.845.02
Stn19PC, CL, tR48°39.640′N126°55.105′W2.152.29
Hydrate Ridge1251AMicroscopic44°34.219′N125°4.452′W0.470.5
Indian Ocean20ACL, tR15°48.567′N81°50.576′E1816.5
18APC, CL, tR19°09.145′N85°46.375′E19.819.8
  • a Isotopic, isotopic composition of carbon; PC, PhyloChip; CL, clone library; tR, terminal restriction fragment length polymorphism (t-RFLP); microscopic, epifluorescent image obtained during Ocean Drilling Program Expedition leg 201 by Mark Delwiche and used for cell counts.