Table 3.

Time course assay measuring attachment of cells to glass coverslips at 2, 4, 6, 8, 16, and 24 ha

StrainAvg no. of cells attached at:
2 h4 h6 h8 h16 h24 h
Ea118930.6 (abc)117.6 (a)123.0 (a)252.0 (a)210.8 (a)281.4 (bc)
ΔhofC mutant21.1 (bcd)72.2 (b)28.9 (d)179.2 (abc)74.6 (d)163.5 (cd)
Δhof mutant33.3 (ab)40.3 (cd)40.0 (d)100.7 (c)86.5 (cd)142.7 (cd)
ΔfimD mutant18.9 (cd)65.6 (bc)92.4 (abc)206.7 (ab)78.2 (d)451.9 (a)
Δfim mutant15.1 (d)101.0 (a)63.1 (bcd)271.3 (a)80.7 (cd)132.4 (d)
Δflg-3 mutant42.7 (a)37.6 (d)51.2 (cd)128.3 (bc)177.7 (ab)365.6 (ab)
Δflg-4 mutant42.9 (a)43.2 (cd)52.8 (cd)216.5 (ab)120.6 (bcd)116.5 (d)
Δcrl mutant25.9 (bcd)25.9 (d)100.2 (ab)225.1 (ab)167.6 (abc)98.1 (d)
Δeae mutant29.0 (bc)21.5 (d)62.1 (bcd)217.7 (ab)145.7 (abcd)86.5 (d)
  • a Each value represents the average number of cells attached within a field of view at ×100 magnification. Means within a column followed by the same letter are not significantly different according to Fisher's protected least significant difference test (P ≤ 0.05).