Table 4.

Percent lesion size on immature pear fruit inoculated with E. amylovora Ea1189 or various attachment mutants at 4, 6, and 8 days postinoculationa

Strain% lesion size at:
Day 4Day 6Day 8
Ea1189851 (a)87 (abc)
Δams mutant00 (b)0 (f)
ΔhofC mutant646 (a)77 (bcde)
ΔhofC/pJMK2825 (b)79 (bcd)
Δhof mutant429 (b)72 (de)
Δhof/pJMK3328 (b)92 (abc)
ΔfimD mutant318 (b)57 (e)
ΔfimD/pJMK4234 (b)83 (abc)
Δfim mutant441 (a)84 (abc)
Δfim/pJMK5345 (a)93 (abc)
Δflg-3 mutant125 (b)93 (abc)
Δflg-4 mutant223 (b)85 (abc)
Δcrl mutant121 (b)76 (cde)
Δcrl/pJMK6957 (a)99 (a)
Δeae mutant219 (b)80 (bcd)
Δeae/pJMK7958 (a)96 (ab)
  • a Statistical analyses of treatment means (sizes of lesions caused by Ea1189 and various deletion mutants) was done by one-way analysis of variance, and mean separation (P < 0.05) was accomplished with Fisher's protected least significant difference test. Means within a column followed by the same letter are not significantly different. No significant differences were observed on day 4.