Characteristics of four putative β-galactosidases in C. perfringens strain 13

β-Galactosidase% sequence similarity to:Other bacteria with homologyDistinguishing characteristic(s)
BgaL (CPE0771)BgaM (CPE0831)Pbg (CPE0167)CPE1266
BgaL (CPE0771)17.310.415FirmicutesHomologous proteins often annotated as glycoside hydrolases
BgaM (CPE0831)17.310.224.2Agrobacterium-SinorhizobiumNone
Pbg (CPE0167)10.410.210.2FirmicutesTranscription shown to be induced by lactose (13) and cleaved X-Gal when cloned into an E. coli plasmid and activated by ONPG (24)
CPE12661524.210.2Bifidobacterium and pathogenic members of the FirmicutesPotential secretion signal sequence at the N terminus; homologous proteins are surface anchored and contribute to avoidance of phagocytosis by inhibiting complement deposition on the surface of the bacterium (4)