Characteristics of selected swine nasal swabs and shower swabs

SampleProduction systemSourcespa typeRepeat sequencesMLST typeaAntimicrobial resistancec
1ANasal, swinet174607-120-12-23-02-12-23NovelbTET
2ANasal, swinet174607-120-12-23-02-12-23NovelTET
3ALocker room hooks (dirty side), wean to finish sitet03408-16-02-25-02-25-34-24-25TET, OXA, CLI
4BLocker room chair (dirty side), sow sitet174607-120-12-23-02-12-23NovelTET, OXA
5BShower floor, sow sitet18907-23-12-21-17-34ST188None
6BShower drain, sow sitet75308-16-52-25-02-25-34-24-25NovelTET, OXA
7BShower floor, sow sitet03408-16-02-25-02-25-34-24-25TET, OXA
8BShower floor, nursery sitet03408-16-02-25-02-25-34-24-25TET, OXA, CLI, ERY (intermediate)
  • a MLST was not performed for spa type t034; ST398 was associated with t034 in previous work (19).

  • b Allelic profiles of novel sequence types most closely matched that of ST398 in the Ridom SpaServer database.

  • c TET, tetracycline, OXA, oxacillin, CLI, clindamycin, ERY, erythromycin.