Table 2.

Numbers of C. maltaromaticum strains associated with the production of specific VOCs in meat samples after 7 days of storage at 4°C in air and vacuum packs

CompoundNo. of strainsa in:
AirVacuum pack
Sulfur compounds
    Dimethyl sulfideb51
    Dimethyl sulfoneb318
    Phenylethyl alcoholc84
Carboxylic acids
    Butanoic acidc4132
    Hexanoic acidc307
    Nonanoic acidc125
Furan compound (2-pentylfuran)b312
  • a Data are relative to the quantitative determination of the different compounds, including those occurring in traces.

  • b Identified by comparison of the mass spectrum with the NIST library.

  • c Identified by comparison with the mass spectrum and retention time of a known standard.