Table 1.

General characteristics of the sampling sites and of conditions during the sampling perioda

GlacierAltitude (m above sea level)ExpositionBedrockAvg pHbAvg TC [mg (g soil dry wt)−1]bAvg TN [mg (g soil dry wt)−1]bAvg recession (m)cSlope (%)Mean sunshine (h)dMean precipitation (mm)dDominant plant speciese
Tiefen2,510SoutheastSiliceous5.50<0.08<0.001−1511.5150.13100.75 Leodonton montanum
Griessen2,450WestCalcareous7.072.16 � 0.79<0.010−12.525110.28128.75Saxifraga sp.
  • a Geographical data represent the area where the incubation pots were placed.

  • b The values represent averages in the incubation pots measured at the different time points.

  • c Estimated from recession data since 1990.

  • d Data averaged from the CLIMAP database.

  • e The characterization was based on our own observations in the vicinity of the sampling sites.