Terminal olefins detected in Jeotgalicoccus strains

Terminal olefin observedDistribution (%) in Jeotgalicoccus sp. straina
ATCC 8456DSMZ 17274DSMZ 19085DSMZ 17030
1-Heneicosadecene (n-C21)0568
19-Methyl-1-eicosadecene (i-C21)0222
18-Methyl-1-nonadecene (i-C20)56364231
17-Methyl-1-nonadecene (a-C20)22384356
1-Nonadecene (n-C19)51313
17-Methyl-octadecene (i-C19)2440
16-Methyl-1-heptadecene (i-C18)11110
15-Methyl-1-heptadecene (a-C18)4110
  • a All strains were grown in TSBYE medium at 30°C for 24 h. Data represent the percent distribution of total olefins (i, iso; a, anteiso; and n, straight).