Bacterial strains and SPC35 host range

Strain (genotype)Plaque formationaSource or referenceb
Salmonella Typhimurium
    UK1CCLaboratory collection
    LT2CCLaboratory collection
    SL1344CCLaboratory collection
    ΔfhuA (SL1344 ΔfhuA)CC25
    ΔfepA (SL1344 ΔfepA)CC25
    ΔbtuB (SL1344 ΔbtuB)25
    ΔbtuB(pMS100)btuB harboring pMS100)CCThis study
    14028sCCLaboratory collection
    ATCC 19586CCATCC
    ATCC 43174CCATCC
    DT 104CCLaboratory collection
Salmonella Enteritidis ATCC 13078CATCC
Salmonella enterica isolates
    3068CCLaboratory collection
    3605TTLaboratory collection
    3792CCLaboratory collection
    4509CCLaboratory collection
Escherichia coli
    ATCC 25922(+)ATCC
    DH5αCCLaboratory collection
    DH10BCCLaboratory collection
    K-12 substrain MC4100CCLaboratory collection
    K-12 substrain MG1655CCLaboratory collection
    K-12 substrain W3110T*
    K-12 2B*
Escherichia coli isolates
    WADDL 2701CC*
    WADDL 2735*
    WADDL 2983*
    WADDL 2902*
    WADDL 3463C*
    WADDL 3476(+)*
    WADDL 3502*
    WADDL 3811*
    WADDL 3977*
    WADDL 4036*
    WADDL 4064(+)*
    WADDL 4083CC*
    WADDL 4190*
    WADDL 4241*
  • a CC, a relatively clearer plaque; C, clear plaque; T, turbid plaque; TT, relatively more turbid plaque; (+), growth inhibition zone; −, no plaque.

  • b ATCC, American Type Culture Collection; *, collection of Food Hygiene laboratory at Seoul National University, Seoul, South Korea.