Table 1.

Compounds used in this study and their effects on expression of the phlA and pltA genes of P. fluorescens CHA0

  • a Antifungal gene expression was studied in OS glycerol medium using CHA0 derivatives carrying phlA-gfp and pltA-gfp fusions on plasmids pME7100 and pME7109, respectively.

  • b Compounds are indicated with their common name and/or chemical formula when necessary.

  • c Induction or repression of reporter gene expression at the early stationary growth phase. Expression measurements are relative to cultures treated with methanol only. The following compounds did not have any effects on the expression of either of the two antifungal genes: 2-hydroxy-acetophenone, vanillin, syringaldehyde, p-hydroxy-benzoic acid, vanillic acid, isovanillic acid, syringic acid, p-coumaric acid, ferulic acid, coniferyl alcohol, biochanin A, naringenin, epicatechin, quercetin dehydrate, 4-quinolinol, digalacturonic acid, and esculin hydrate.