Table 1.

Cattle fecal sample collection and management classificationa

PopulationLocaleManagement groupFeeding regimenb
% Grain% ForageSupplementIonophore
CO1COProcessed grain8015YesYes
DKOHUnprocessed grain94<1YesYes
  • a All samples were collected in 2008.

  • b % Grain, the proportion of feed made up of steam-flaked, dry-rolled, whole-kernel, and/or distiller's grain corn; % forage, the proportion of feed made up of plant material commonly used for feed, such as alfalfa, corn silage and/or fescue, wheat, and rye grasses; supplement, a feed additive typically containing vitamins, minerals, urea, limestone, and salt; ionophore, an antimicrobial agent supplement including monensin or tylosin.